Prompt Teacher Platform

Grade your students' work 40% faster while gathering valuable analytics on student writing to inform data-driven instruction

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Grade better, faster

Paper feedback tool

Our feedback tool empowers you to provide the great feedback you're used to 40% faster than using Word or Google Docs. Spread lines to add feedback, make comments in the margins, add punctuation or strikeout text with simple hotkeys.

Reusable Feedback Snippets

Be more efficient while providing high quality feedback to all of your students. Define common snippets of feedback that you can provide with a single click.

Customizable class home page

Create a custom home page for each class that allows students to easily see all assignments and announcements at once. This is where students can submit assignments for your review.

Manage Student Assignments

Create writing assignments that students can submit directly within the Prompt platform. Associate a rubric with each assignment to track student progress and grade more efficiently.

Review Students' Work

Open students' submissions directly in the Prompt feedback tool to seamlessly review and grade papers. Your feedback will be available to students in a PDF and you can choose when it's returned.


Extract analytics to see how individual students are improving or where your class as a whole may need some extra help. Use our analytics to inform data-driven instruction to further empower your students as writers.

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